16 x Sterile IPA 70% in WFI 400ml Aerosol

Product code: NS-IPA400
£150.00 £125.00 (ex. VAT)

16 x cans in 1 carton

Lightweight and easy to use, reducing repetitive strain on the operator

Also available as DE 70% in WFI

0.2 micron filtered and 25kGy gamma irradiated for sterility

No tiring trigger action

Pressurised and airtight container maintains sterility

Trigger attachments are available if required

Double bagged for ease of transfer

Batch coded with Detex dot to clearly indicate successful irradiation for peace of mind

Incorporates a non-flammable, inert propellant2 year unopened shelf life

Product Code NS-IPA400
Weight 6kg